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November 5, 2009 / Elizabeth

The art of stalking (online)

LOL kidding about the title. Its not stalking, its research! Teehee.

Yesterday, we had another guest lecturer for our NCT lecture! (Sorry no awesumzz photozzz. The only photo I took using my webcam turned out to be too blurry 😛 )

3395910608_04b02da706Photo taken from Flickr >.<

Pat Law from Ogilvy PR Worldwide and 360 Digital Influence came to share with us about some tricks about social media. Within the short one-hour lecture, she briefly explained about and taught us how to use Google reader, Google alerts and Alltop. She also shared blog directories (like Technorati,, etc) and what she calls a one-stop-shop (Daymix, Omgili, etc).

Maybe its just me but I couldn’t help but LOL at the Omgili name. Sounds cute but how do you even pronounce it?

Anyway, she told us that these online tools are pretty useful to track opinions of brands online. Turning to the online medium to find ‘free feedback’ seems quite ingenious eh?

Hahah ok tbh its kind of scary too. Because everything you do on the internet is recorded and can be seen by anyone (or everyone). I don’t want to be all paranoid and everything but its still better to be careful about whatever you type, even in personal messages to your friends. You never know who might be able to use whatever you typed against you. (Park Jaebeom learnt that the hard way. 😦 )

She shared loads of websites that we could make use of to evaluate a website’s popularity (Popuri, URL Fan) and do tracking on Twitter (Twitalyzer). Then she showed us a real-life example of “Bad ways to approach a blogger” and what to do before approaching one. Those small minute details are really important, otherwise one would end up shaming their company/organisation. >.<

Though it was a really short lecture, we managed to gain an interesting insight on how people in PR like Pat Law make use of these online tools to manage an organisation’s online rep.

Oh, and thank you Pat! ^^

PS: In her tweet, Pat said she was nervous during the lecture. LOL if that was considered nervousness, I think my presentations would be panic attacks. ROFL.

– Update –

I forgot to post my list here the last time I blogged. =.=

Just gonna share a few:

Mr Tweet: – Sends you tweets everyday on who you should follow

Twellow: – Like a yellow pages directory for followers

Media on – Archives and shows all journalists worldwide on twitter

TwitterFall: – Especially good for events, can see a particular trend being discussed through a list of tweets with that particular hashtag

Oh, and if you want to find out about your Twitter “health”, check out Twitalyzer:
It analyses your tweet history, making it easier to define how you want to improve on your tweets.

Check Nizam‘s blog for the longer list. 😀



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  1. Pat Law / Nov 7 2009 4:57 AM

    That picture you have of me scared me a little, from its sheer size. LOL.

    I’m glad you found the lecture useful. Indeed I was nervous. Hell, I hate public speaking more than I do with durians (I don’t go anywhere remotely close to one) but you know what? The best way to deal with fear is to tackle it headson. Which is why, much to my own reluctance, I agreed readily to guest lecture.

    That shot of me was taken by my wonderful colleague Noel Yeo by the way. 🙂

    • leeji / Nov 7 2009 5:18 AM

      ROFL didn’t mean to scare you with that photo, but hey its a nice shot~!

      Oh what a pity you don’t like durians, they taste soooo good! 😛

      Glad you agreed to guest lecture even if you had your fears. Please do come back for another lecture, even if its for our juniors. Hahaha

  2. traddeste / Dec 12 2009 12:03 AM

    True words, some truthful words man. You rocked my day.


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