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November 2, 2009 / Elizabeth

Facebook pages and groups

facebook-logo#2 tutorial for the week had us learning the differences between a Faceboo Page and a Group.

Honestly, I didn’t know about the differences between them until that day in class.

So what we learnt was that FB Pages are essentially like normal FB profiles, but  are used to promote businesses, celebrities, artists, etc to FB users. Facebook states that “only the official representative of an artist, business, or brand may create a Facebook Page.” Its sort of like an “official” web page for an organization on Facebook.

So just like a normal FB profile, those who manage the Pages can add friends, upload pictures and have walls for friends or fans to post on. Pages are able to host applications too.

To create a Page, go to! (WeeKiat taught us how to Google it in class. Hahaha)

For example, 2PM’s FB Page:

This is where artist updates the Page
(in cases like this one, the artist isn’t the ones updating the page),


and this wall is for fans to post about the artist.Picture3

Note: Sorry  but I just HAD to use 2PM’s fan Page as an example.

Obviously, JYP Entertainment has done their homework and chosen the most appropriate tool to promote their artist on Facebook.

For FB Groups, they’re normally used for smaller scale interaction around a cause. All members of a Group can actively contribute content on the Group’s wall.

You can join a Group if its:

1. Open – anyone can join

2. Closed – The Group’s administrators must approve requests to join

3. Secret – Only members and those invited know that the Group exists

The latter two seems sort of ‘exclusive’ in a way right? Haha. But at least you are better able to control what goes on in that group.

Here’s the group that my ICM (Integrated Comunications Management) team created for our anti-cyberbullying campaign last semester:

oaoiBy the way, both pages and groups can create events. Its just like FB’s Events application.

Some other handy features that Pages offer:

  • Facebook Pages are indexed in search engines – this increases the likelihood of visitors finding an organization by Googling.
  • Monitor visitor numbers and visitor demographics – especially important if companies need to find out who’s interested in them
  • Unlimited number of fans are allowed!
  • Pages have 2 walls for the page’s owner to write and another for the fans.
  • Pages can also earn money from them benefit from social ads that publicize the fan connection between a Page and a specific user.

I have been so ignorant of all these features of Facebook, I believe I’ll have to be a ‘curious cat’ and be more inquisitive about these things from now on then. We would never know when we’ll need to use all them in future.

Need to read more into it?

Just visit these websites; they helped our class understand the differences better!


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