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October 24, 2009 / Elizabeth

Minority Report

The 1st NCT Tutorial on Thursday had us setting up Twitter accounts and WordPress blogs. No Facebook account needed to be set up because duh, everyone in the level has one already. LOL.

We were told that the purpose of setting up these accounts was to utilise these online social media platforms as a way to brand ourselves, network with others and keep an online portfolio. MsKwa also kept reminding us about how a lot of companies these days are looking for people who have a “social presence” on these platforms.

Hmm.. So far, we’ve only been using them as a way to communicate with our friends and families, but now we’re learning about how to make use of these to help our future.  So its definitely interesting to learn more about the opportunities that these platforms offer to us. (This also helps us not to be so suaku also. Hahaha.)For Friday’s NCT tutorial, we were shown snippets of a sci-fi movie, Minority Report.


The movie is set in the year 2054 in Washington, D.C., with a special police force called the PreCrime Division. Murders in the city are prevented by the predictions/visions of three psychics. The protagonist, John Anderton (played by Tom Cruise), is the head of the PreCrime division. When he is accused of murdering a man he’s never met, he struggles to prove his innocence.

In this future, everyone is identified using iris recognition. And to think that a few years ago, some of us thought that fingerprint scanning was already ‘too cool for school’. Maybe sooner or later, we wouldn’t need passports or fingerprints for identification, just our irises. Cliched statement but it is true, “you can run, but you can’t hide”.


In Minority Report, advertisement billboards of the future (electronic, of course >_>) are specifically tailored to fit the person. They even call out your name, something along the lines of like, “How about a vacation, John Anderton?”

Quite creepy, don’t you think? Its like you don’t have privacy anymore. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to be tracked very easily. (That’s why it was so difficult for the movie’s protagonist to be on the run from the authorities.)

Thanks to technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Everyone on the internet can somehow be linked to one another. Oh, how we even used to marvel at Friendster’s ~amazing~ friends-linking systen during secondary school. I heard that everyone in the world can be linked to each other by er.. 6 people? (IDK I think I might have remembered this wrongly.)

Like maybe… TVXQ’s Jaejoong might be my mother’s sister’s friend’s neighbour’s son’s friend. LMAO you never know.

And yet, because of this, it becomes more important that we monitor our actions on the internet more carefully. Whatever we say or do on the internet is being watched by millions(?=/) online. Its quite a scary thought, right?  You’re being judged by people you don’t even know. Prospective employers even look at your profile on like Facebook or LinkedIn before deciding to hire you – their own little ‘work research’.

In our own little way, we’re all like celebrities,  eh? We have to beware of whatever we do or on the internet especially. And like celebs, people are going to be interested in what you like, what you do, etc.


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